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3 Ville Padova

Three connected Villas thinked as an OASIS OF PEACE create a flexible system that allows to live and share the common areas but at the same times also to find privacy in private zone.

A Minimal Landscape composition punctuates the space with net and clean marks as well as from punctual contrast of solids and voids that realized an introverted and protective architecture where shape is always done by matter. This residential system consists in three buildings. The main for parents and the two remaining for childrens, conceived as twin villas unusually separated. Enrico Muscioni design gesture wants to create an uncompromising planimetric sign given by an oblong wall. This is thinked as a boundary generator between exterior areas and privat areas. A space thinked as a pedestrian axis of distribution that shields lights with wood brisè soleil. It serves also as physical center of gravity between the large common swimming pool and outdoor covered parking. Thanks to this the three villas are confined even if they lie in the same common space.

Project Name

3 Ville Padova




Legnaro (Padova) _ Italy




Three Family House


New Buildings


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