The generating principle of the project comes by an intensive reflection of the historical, symbolic, social and urban Rotunda’s value. It is an icon, is a Polish history witness, is the symbol of Warsaw’s that everyone loves.
The goal of the project is to create a transparent and efficient in energy terms container that protects Rotunda from weather and climate but also to act as a thermal coat.
A large covered and brught square, a botanical garden with its services offer an attractive place of peace in the center of the city, away from the noise, indifferent to cold and heat. Perfect for relax and more to have information about the city, to enjoy their services and have the opportunity to read a book under a tree in T short at any time of year. All around “Her”.
Inside also found space the new areas related to multimedia tourist information, cultural and general. The new bank is the center of the Rotunda. Conceived as a physically independent and impenetrable solid element refers to the concept of “safe secure box and reliable.” It grows on the ground floor for typical operations to the public, bringing the administrative or PB on the first floor and on the basement are located the functions more discretionary and confidential as well as a private car park dedicated to senior management and the valuable customers. Is obtained also an auditorium for training courses.
Always in the basement, and not externally connected to the bank is the extension of the upper platz. This additional public space is a filter between the connections for pedestrian crosswalks and to the Metro and here is the space dedicated to the Great Gallery of Warsaw’s Polish and positive events as well as an exhibition area dedicated to the history of the Rotunda.




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