Ur-Former Project _ Giorgia Boutique

The “ur-former” ( URban transFORMER) project Giorgia Boutique is the result of a pragmatic renovation process of a building built in three different period.
The project target is: “Crystalize natural local marks and shape to regenerate the degraded city.
The architecture and the interiors architecture is fully designed by enrico muscioni
The new project of renovation building is the result of a composition of organic architectural language that marks the outer space with signs clear and cleaned and that produce contrast of solid and void where form is always the result of matter. Organic signs apparently casual wants to crystalize formally the concept of Mountain thinked as massive limestone outcrop and three towers. The unespected volumetric complexity has the principal skin in a drilled Corten steel and Dark drilled steel .The perforated steel allows to enphasize the natural light and the artificial effects that determines the general lay out. Light Is thinked as part of architecture and nature estabilishing a costant relationship between internal and external. The innovative structure idea is to create an exoskeleton self supporting and supporting the existing building. On this structures is also fixed the new steel Corten Skin thinked also as passive system for sun protection.


“Ur-Former Project” : URban transFORMER _ Giorgia Boutique


Giorgia Boutique


Fiorina_ San Marino (RSM)






Renovation Building + Interiors Architecture + Design

Steel Structures & & Steel Production

Icom Engineering - Ing. Enrico Benasciutti

Klima Engineering



Winner : "Architectural Project Selection European Under 40 Architects" by Europa Concorsi _ “ Best Italian Selection - Architecture in Renovation Building”_ Selected: SAIE SELECTION : TOP 20 Italian Project – The built Environment Reneval ( Regenerate and Improve – Highly innovative and sustainable solutions)


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Paolo Crocenzi