The project was born from the recovery and change of use of a disused tennis center.
The target is to create a “playful public” building conceived as a physical wellbeing, leisure, sports and events area.
The project is developed according to a new urban dimension of embracing the green areas renovated, rejecting the concept of a single and unic building.
The design gesture of enrico muscioni is permeated by a simple but organic architectural language in its planimetric development. The green spaces are simply and closed between the extensions of the buildings giving birth to open courts but at the same time confidential. The project involves the restoration and renovation of the huge and pre existing tennis hall turning it into a new events arena given to the project a pubblic space offer. The new covering is detached from the old creating an air gap between it and the new external layers composed by a frame of fiber- cement and photovoltaic panels.
The three new buildings are low and not visually impactful to the landscape.
Inside of them are located the new spaces:
In the main building the project provide function for a new lounge restaurant, a large spa and wellness center and a dedicated area to indoor sports.
In the second small building is located a new fitness and pool club.
Inside the duplex new building to the edge of the area are located the hospitality functions as B & B facilities.
Made with steel bearing structures and dry curtain walls, all buildings are characterized by a facade frame designed as an alternation of solids and voids. The concept is to crystallize the plantations of Polesine natural park bamboo.
A bamboo garden realized with metal strips which decline all green shades allow to maintain visual protection from outside and to bring inside the natural light at the same time.
All buildings are designed as technological kit in which photovoltaic systems are fully integrated with architecture.
Using solar energy, high performance insulating, passive protection and the natural air circulation in the summer months make these buildings a perfect bioclimatic machines.




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